To validate your inscription and to confirm your booking at “Salt Surf Taghazout”, the total amount or advanced payment of the required services must be paid by arrival.

You can find all the  details in the confirmation letter, which we will send you via e-mail once you fill in the form on our website.

The booking will be considered as valid when you entered all your details, confirmed that you have read the Terms & Conditions and you have received a confirmation e-mail with the booking details.


All personal details are compulsory on the registration form.

The participants’ minimum age is 18 years old. (ask for exceptions).

Salt Surf Taghazout reserves the right to make modifications, but only if these modifications do not change the essential services or due to unexpected and uncontrollable situations.

Booking variations depend on availability and they may involve a surcharge depending on the price of the new dates/inclusions. You will receive a booking modification once the surcharge is paid. In case the weekly price increase or decrease, the difference must be paid respectively from one part or another.

Images of your stay at Salt Surf Taghazout are only used for publicity or promotional purposes as the website, flyers, brochures,…

Customers must be physically fit and capable to swim.


The client confirms that from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him/her from going surfing.


We require that you communicate us any relevant medical aspects: allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities etc.

The transfer service is subject to availability. We recommend you to ask for this service when you fill out the online booking form or as soon as possible. The transfer price will be paid together with the booking. 

Each customer is responsible for the Salt Surf Taghazout equipment during its use and accepts the responsibility to replace it in case of loss or serious damage by inappropriate use of it. The customer has to pay the lost or damaged equipment which automatically becomes the customer’s property.

The excursions and trips we offer are just partially included in our packages. They depend on a minimum number of participants and availability. These reasons can lead to a cancellation of the previous.


The cancellation will be valid the day we receive it.

– We will refund you 100% of total amount, when you cancel 7 days before arrival.

– Within less than one week before the starting, we do not refund. 


Salt Surf Taghazout does not accept any responsibilities or any refunds in the following circumstances.

– When the client is responsible for the incorrect delivery of the services.

– When the defective services are due to third parties or they occur in an unpredictable manner.

– When the services cannot be provided, due to conditions beyond the control of the company.


These are unusual and unpredictable conditions which could result in unexpected consequences such as natural disasters or meteorological aspects etc.

– When the incorrect delivery of the services is caused by happenings at Salt Surf Taghazout, even though all the

    diligences are taken, but they still could neither be predicted nor prevented.

– When any happening could occur before and after the course hours.

– Clients have to listen to the instructions of our staff and to follow Salt Surf Taghazout regulations. In case of not doing

    so and behaving irresponsible, the company will take the necessary measures, prior notification, such as the exclusion

    of the courses.


For medical assistance during your stay at Salt Surf Taghazout, each client ought to have:

– Medical card and insurance (or)

– Contract a travel insurance